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Across the (Political) Divide

Too much bickering, too little listening. That’s the perilous state of today’s conversation about Israel . . .
This series was designed to change that reality by bringing together prominent voices from along the political, denominational and generational spectrums to elevate the discourse and showcase a constructive debate.

Last semester, we crossed the generational divide, examining the challenge of how younger Jews relate to Israel. Now we turn to political disagreements, where we will look at the liberal/Democrat vs. conservative/Republican divide on Israel. Is the long-standing bipartisan consensus on Israel coming to an end? Are Democrats turning away from Israel? Do Republicans care about Israeli democracy and the two-state solution?

To explore these and other pressing questions, we invite you to join us for an important discussion featuring prominent pro-Israel voices representing both sides of the political aisle, including:

  • Michelle Goldberg, Op-ed columnist, New York Times
  • Amb. Daniel B. Shapiro, former US Ambassador to Israel (2011-2017)
  • Mona Charen, syndicated columnist, Fellow, Ethics and Public Policy Center
  • Michael Doran, Senior Fellow, Hudson Institute; former Senior Director for the Middle East at the National Security Council

In partnership with the Israel Policy Forum and ADL

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