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An Evening with Al Gore

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The Climate Conversation Heats Up

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  • Wednesday
    February 22, 2017
    7:30 pm
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Ten years after the release of the Oscar-winning documentary
An Inconvenient Truth
the community of nations put the historic Paris Agreement in to force, committing to work together to solve the global climate crisis.

Now, on the heels of the US presidential election, the way forward on climate action is uncertain.

Joining us to discuss the issue is climate advocate and former Vice President Al Gore, who is confronting the climate crisis with ever more determination. During his inspiring presentation, he will pose key questions about our ability to ensure a sustainable future, then, using the latest data offer solutions that are good for the planet and good for our economy.

As the climate conversation heats up on the national and world stage, you won’t want to miss this illuminating event.

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