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All About Hummus!

Hummus, an appetizer and dip that was practically unknown in this country just twenty years ago, is now a billion-dollar industry. It has its own section in the refrigerator aisle, is increasingly the destination dip for crudités and is poised to knock peanut butter off its throne. And politics aside, it is the number one issue of heated debate among Jews and hummus lovers in general: Who makes the best hummus?

So how did hummus become a beloved American dip? And compared to the creamy, rich blends created in the backstreets of Tel Aviv, can that waxy dip in American stores even be called hummus? How does humble hummus fit into the heated Middle East conflict? And is it made from garbanzo beans or chickpeas?

For the answers to these and other questions—and to taste some of the world’s best hummus—join us for this unique event that will definitely give you food for thought.

Discussion with:

  • Majadi Wali, CEO Holy Land Hummus, Minneapolis
  • Noam Bonnie, Owner, Brooklynhummus.com
  • Trevor Graham, Director, Make Hummus Not War

Moderated by Rob Eshman, Author of the Foodaism blog and Visiting Professor, Food, Culture and Media at USC.

Scenes from Make Hummus Not War: a film about love, war, politics.. with chickpeas.

Lunch with 10 flavored hummus varieties.



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