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In a closed community where questions are not tolerated and contact with the outside world is shunned, a young Shulem Deen was brave and curious enough to turn on a radio.

As a member of the Skverer Hasidim, one of the most insular ultra-Orthodox sects in the United States, Shulem knew little of the outside world. What he heard on the radio led him to visit a library and discover the Internet, which fueled his curiosity even more. Deen began to investigate his religious beliefs, digging deeper and deeper until his faith completely unraveled. All Who Go Do Not Return traces his journey from a life of deception that put his relationship with his family on the line, to discovery and the price of curiosity. This riveting memoir provides a firsthand look into a highly secretive world.

Shulem Deen is a former Skverer Hasid and founding editor of Unpious whose work has appeared in The Jewish Daily Forward, Tablet and Salon.

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all who go do not return