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American Jews & America’s Game

American Jews and Americas Game

They are both “team sports,” engaged in by sitting in neat rows of seats with family and friends. We approach both with respect, reverence and excitement. For some, the similarities between baseball and Judaism end there. However, there are many lessons to learn and apply lurking in the game’s intricate stratagems, real-life stories and cultural history—and they are quite relevant to the modern Jewish experience.

Author Larry Ruttman will moderate a distinguished panel of experts who will discuss the history of the game vis-à-vis the American Jewish experience, raising questions sure to elicit discussion both sacred and profane. We will examine the history of American Jewish life over the last eighty years or so  and hear about players, owners, managers and fans—even MLB commissioner Bud Selig—as they struggled, embraced and learned how to use baseball to enrich their Jewish lives and Judaism to enrich their baseball lives.

Includes a complimentary box of Cracker Jack.
Book signing to follow.


Ira Berkow
Pulitzer Prize-winning sports reporter and columnist of the New York Times, and best-selling author.
Alan Dershowitz
Longtime Felix Frankfurter Professor of Law at Harvard Law School (ret.), prolific author, defender of American civil rights, Israel and the accused… and a baseball fan.
Donald Fehr
Executive Director of the National Hockey League Players Association and former Executive Director of the Major League Players Association, 1985–2009
Larry Ruttman
the author of American Jews & America’s Game, chosen the best baseball book of 2013 by Sports Collectors Digest, and an elected Fellow of the Massachusetts Historical Society.
Art Shamsky crop
Former Major League baseball player, record holder and author of The Magnificent Seasons.


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