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As a Driven Leaf: The Heresy of Rabbi Elisha Ben Abuyah

The Jewish Publication Society/Skirball Author Series.

A play reading performed by the renowned actors of the Instant Shakespeare Players.

In a time of oppression, on the cusp of rebellion, the allure of glamour and potential rewards of assimilation lead a devout man down a serpentine path to a crisis of faith. Though based on a novel set in the 2nd century CE, this play raises questions, challenges and moral dilemmas that are extremely relevant to modern Jewish society and prove eerily prescient.

This event features a staged reading of a full-length play by Rabbi Barry L. Schwartz based on the novel As a Driven Leaf by Milton Steinberg.

Celebrating the 75th anniversary of the novel that inspired generations, the play revisits the age-old debate of faith and reason—the way we understand our world and the truths we are asked to affirm and obey.

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As a Driven Leaf