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Ben Gurion’s Epilogue: The Lost Interview

The Old Man, as David Ben Gurion was affectionately called, was living in self- imposed exile in the Negev when a British-Israeli film crew convinced him to sit for a lengthy personal interview with a young American named Clinton Bailey, an immigrant from Buffalo who’d been befriended by Ben Gurion’s wife a year earlier.

Ben Gurion was 82 years old, troubled by an aching back, still recovering from the recent death of his wife and worried whether his progeny would ever become the am s’gula—the nation of higher virtue—he’d envisioned.

Few inside or outside Israel learned of Ben Gurion’s personal woes, or his concerns about Israel’s future, because the footage gathered dust for 48 years…until two Israeli filmmakers stumbled on it in the bowels of Jerusalem’s Steven Spielberg Film Archive. The 35mm film had no sound, and the filmmakers doggedly traced the audio to a different archive. Finally, they stitched together the images and sound of the six-hour interview into a rivetingly intimate documentary that captures both the vision and humility of Israel’s Founding Father.

The Streicker Center invites you to see the critically acclaimed result—Ben Gurion, Epilogue—and hear its improbable backstory. With:

Dr. Clinton Bailey, prominent anthropologist and interviewer of David Ben Gurion
Alon Ben Gurion, grandson of David Ben Gurion
Yariv Mozer and Yael Perlov, filmmakers Moderated by Ambassador Ido Aharoni.



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