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Critical Situations, Tough Decisions with Rabbi Daniel Goldfarb

New and pending laws have thrust the dilemma of life and death decisions into the media and our lives. Sadly, many of us will face—either directly or indirectly—the decision to terminate a life. Should the “plug” be pulled when a loved one on life support has little hope of recovery and/or is suffering? When “quality of life” dips below a certain threshold, is that just cause to end a life?

California passed a “physician-assisted death” law in September, and similar proposals are on the agenda in over twenty states. It is our responsibility to discuss this issue so we are prepared if the worst should ever happen. Join us as we examine Jewish sources and other relevant materials to help guide us through this serious topic.

Rabbi Daniel Goldfarb is a graduate of Harvard, Columbia Law School and the Jewish Theological Seminary. He currently teaches at the Conservative Yeshiva in Jerusalem and guest lectures at other colleges and synagogues around the world.

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