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Dan Abrams, George Stephanopolous… & Abe Lincoln

One year before his dark-horse bid for the presidency, Abraham Lincoln, a self-taught lawyer, appeared in an Illinois courtroom to defend a 22-year-old accused of murder. The stakes could not have been higher – and not just for the accused. A loss could smash Lincoln’s dream of inhabiting the White House. But winning demanded an unholy alliance with an old enemy, a revivalist preacher who had slandered him as an “infidel…too lacking in faith” to hold office.

Taking readers into the courtroom battle where Lincoln fought for both his client and his political life, Lincoln’s Last Trial reveals the man who would become one of America’s admired presidents.

Its author, Dan Abrams, is chief legal affairs anchor for ABC news, host of Live PD on A&E Network and a bestselling author. He will be interviewed by George Stephanopolous, chief anchor and chief political correspondent for ABC.

Book sale and signing will follow. 



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