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For a vessel of such epic brilliance, Einstein’s brain met with a most ignoble end: Spirited away—without permission—by the pathologist on call the night the genius died in Princeton, it wound up in a basement and was almost tossed by the hospitalist’s estranged wife. In bits and pieces—literally—it was stored in a cider box in Wichita, driven to California in the trunk  of a journalist’s Buick Skylark and smuggled across the border into Canada.

To what end? Ambition? Vanity? Science?

To answer that question and fill in the unlikely and utterly fascinating details, the Streicker Center is presenting a panel of distinguished guests:

  • Dr. Amir Amedi, internationally renowned brain scientist at the HebrewUniversity’s Department of Medical neurobiology and adjunct research professor at the Sorbonne University
  • Taran Davies, cofounder of Cosmic Picture, producer of the award-winning IMAX documentary Journey to Mecca as well as of the forthcoming IMAX documentary Einstein’s Incredible Universe
  • George Duffield, cofounder of the Blue Marine Foundation, producer of acclaimed films such as Milk—as well as the upcoming IMAX Einstein documentary

The evening will be moderated by Ambassador Ido Aharoni.



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