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An Evening with David Grossman

David Grossman has been wrestling with such topics as the trauma of war and the prospects for peace; love; jealousy; and family relationships for more than three decades. In his first novel, See Under: Love, he grappled with the legacy of the Holocaust. In The Yellow Wind, he foretold the explosive first intifada, and in his bestselling To the End of the Land, he hauntingly portrayed a mother’s love for her son in a time of conflict.

In the process, he became one of Israel’s most celebrated writers, winner of countless awards, the only Israeli ever to win the prestigious International Man Booker Prize, for his novel, A Horse Walks into a Bar, a tale of love, betrayal and guilt.

This year, as we celebrate Israel’s 70th birthday, the Streicker Center is honored to host this prolific author of 16 books translated into 45 languages for an evening of reflection on both his own life and the land he lovingly continues to call home.



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