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Fake News: A Real Conversation

If you pine for a time when “fake news” meant supermarket tabloid reports of Bigfoot sightings, alien abductions or Elvis encounters, imagine how media professionals feel almost a year into post-election America. Actually, you don’t have to imagine: we’ve recruited several of the nation’s best journalists for a timely and crucial conversation.

In an era of alternative facts—and a choose-your-own-adventure approach to reality—the pros will discuss where journalism stands: How are reporters and editors adapting? Can the idea of an agreed-upon reality ever recover? Or is truth—as Time magazine famously asked—dead?

Moderated by New York Times Op-Ed columnist and former White House reporter Frank Bruni. With:

  • Ana Navarro, political correspondent for CNN
  • Jim Rutenberg, media columnist and former political correspondent for the New York Times
  • Dan Senor, a writer and former advisor to Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney who has contributed to the Wall Street Journal, Fox News, the Washington Post and others



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