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Celebrating Israel: Jerusalem of Gold

At a Jerusalem music festival in May 1967, an unknown soldier unveiled a new song, a plaint of longing for our ancestral home, the city from which Jews had been barred since the creation of the State of Israel. Weeks later, the Six Day War broke out, and Yerushalayim Shel Zahav became a rallying cry for Israelis weary of strife and longing to touch the ancient stones that represent our history.

Two days after the war began, exhausted paratroopers fought their way through the Old City, and as they approached the Western Wall, spontaneously began to sing, We have returned to the cisterns, to the market and to the market-place. A shofar is heard on the Temple Mount. A song of yearning had become an anthem of triumph.

To mark Israel’s 71st birthday, that now renowned singer, Shuli Natan, will perform and deliver remarks during services, followed by a moderated conversation and an extended Oneg with a DJ and Israeli food.

This special FNL not only celebrates Israel but the Upper East Side Reform Jewish community with Temple Emanu-El and Temple Israel of the City of New York joining together for a collective Shabbat service. Next year, the celebration
will continue at Temple Israel.

This program is generously sponsored by The Tisch Family. 

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