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From Adonai to Yahweh to Elohim, God is referred to by many names. Some emphasize godly attributes, while others attempt to put words to the indescribable. Given the spectrum of titles and perceptions—and the limitations of language—it can be challenging to grasp a solid understanding of God.

In this series of thought-provoking evenings, you will hear different interpretations and perspectives on God from three of the most prominent minds in Jewish theology. As you are exposed to different viewpoints, you will have a rare opportunity to solidify your beliefs, reflect on contrasting opinions and better understand your relationship with God.

Evening #1: Tuesday, October 27 – Rabbi Asher Lopatin

Evening #2: Wednesday, October 28 – Rabbi Bradley Shavit Artson

Evening #3:  Thursday, October 29 – Rabbi Rachel Cowan

Moderated by Dr. Judith Plaskow



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