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Israeli Wine Symposium & Tasting

Judaism has a special relationship with wine. In addition to wine being intrinsically enigmatic, it has the added mysticism of being part of our rituals, traditions and holidays.

Some of the greatest wines in the world today come from Israel.
While winemaking has long been a serious ambition of Israelis, it took a long time for the “vines to bear fruit”. Locales described in the Torah as being lush with grapevines, that subsequently lay barren for centuries, are once again flourishing. Today, the Israeli wine industry has “matured” to the point of competing with the finest wines on the planet.

Known as the “ambassador of Israeli wine,” Adam Montefiore will discuss Israel’s modern wine industry, including the ground-breaking discovery of Israel’s indigenous grape varieties, and connect the story of Israel’s presently thriving wine industry to modern Jewish culture.

Adam Montefiore is the authority on Israeli wine. He is a contributor to The Oxford Companion to Wine, the author of The Wine Route of Israel, and is a wine writer at the Jerusalem Post. A veteran of the wine trade, he has been advancing Israeli wines for over thirty years.

Tasting of over 50 Israeli wines and accompanying snacks to follow.



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