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Jews in Sports

From the Book of Judge’s Samson to the NBA’s Omri Casspi, Semitic strongmen have always had an air of the improbable about them. And yet, we’ve now seen Jewish World Series stars, NHL scoring leaders—even a pair of brothers in the NFL. So why does the myth of the Jewish athlete still fascinate us? Legendary sportswriter Gerald Eskenazi, who spent decades at the New York Times and authored more than a dozen books along the way, will explore the answers—and the Jewish sports world at large—with three other mavens.

Kenny Albert—the scion of a sportscast dynasty that includes his father and two uncles—is the only sportscaster who currently does play-by-play for all major professional sports leagues in the US and Canada.

Bruce Beck is the lead sports anchor at WNBC-TV, the host of NBC’s popular Sports Final and the host and sideline reporter for New York Giants pre-season football.

Art Shamsky, a former Major League Baseball player, was a member of the famed 1969 Miracle Mets and later served as the manager of Israel’s baseball league.



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