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Lord George Carey, former Archbishop of Canterbury

The Simon Wiesenthal Center 2016 Dorothy Gardner Adler State of Anti-Semitism Lecture

Join us as Lord George Carey, Archbishop of Canterbury (Ret.), presents a Christian perspective on anti-Semitism, its root causes and the current situation in Europe and the UK. He will also discuss the BDS movement and its attempts to delegitimize Israel.

Though he retired as Archbishop of Canterbury in 2002, Lord George Carey still maintains a busy and active Christian ministry. Together with his wife, Eileen, he continues to serve churches, support charitable interests, write articles and books and give lectures on a range of topics from a Christian perspective all over the world.

Lord George Carey served as Archbishop of Canterbury from 1991 to 2002. He is the author of numerous books, including Why I Believe in a Personal God, Distinctiveness in Church Schools and Know the Truth: A Memoir. He is the recipient of the Royal Victorian Chain and the Knight Grand Cross of the Royal Order of Francis 1.





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