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Merchants of Truth

$25 | Includes a copy of the book

An Evening with Jill Abramson 

Worried about fake news, biased news, clickbait, hoaxes and rumors parading as journalism? You should be, according to Jill Abramson, and she’s stopping by to explain how we landed in this tangle of truth, half-truth and outright lies that has disrupted American life.

Few people have more credibility on the topic than Abramson, the former — and first female — executive editor of The New York Times, a reporter and deputy bureau chief at The Wall Street Journal, co-author of the National Book Award finalist, Strange Justice and columnist for The Guardian.

Join Abramson for a discussion of her new book, Merchants of Truth, which takes readers inside the story of how digital news almost killed two venerable newspapers — including her own — and how companies like BuzzFeed and VICE News do, and do not, conform to the standards and ethics that have long guided American news media.


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