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Of Women and Mirrors

Join us for an evening with one of the most incisive and beloved Torah commentators of our day. Avivah Zornberg, a Glasgow-raised Cambridge PhD who has lived and lectured in Jerusalem for almost five decades, is known for her masterfully woven strands of philosophy, psychology, literature, secularism and Yiddishkeit.

Tonight’s topic? The project of the Exodus, which according to Zornberg holds a paradox at its heart. “Although the event is one of our central historical experiences, biblical and midrashic texts depict it as psychologically impossible.” If the Israelites in question are to be released, they will need to confront this impossibility within and without. And a striking midrash about women and mirrors offers us a way to contemplate this conundrum.

Dr. Avivah Gottlieb Zornberg is an internationally renowned Bible interpreter and teacher. She will examine Abraham’s odyssey through a combination of psychoanalysis, rabbinic commentary, art history and other disciplines for a truly unique perspective. Dr. Zornberg’s insights and interpretations make Abraham’s millennia-old saga relevant to today’s world and transforms our understanding of the Patriarch.

Through her writing and teaching of biblical commentary on the books of the Torah, Dr. Avivah Gottlieb Zornberg has grown to world acclaim. She has lectured and taught internationally, appeared on PBS and published four books. Her newest is Bewilderments: Reflections on the Book of Numbers.

This program is made possible by the Leon Lowenstein Foundation in memory of Bernard Rapoport. 



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