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Parental Wisdom

in an Era when Children Know it All

Pirke Avot, perhaps the most important of rabbinic texts, contains timeless lessons and wisdom about life.

We will take a tour through this treasure–studying the text on multiple levels and meeting some of the people who helped shape Judaism. We will savor the legacy of advice they left us, as relevant today as 1800 years ago–hoping to make us better people and the world a better place.

No background necessary, texts in Hebrew and English.

Rabbi-Goldfarb1with  Rabbi Daniel C. Goldfarb Rabbi Goldfarb served as Director of the Conservative Yeshiva of the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism in Jerusalem, 2000-2013, and continues teaching on the faculty there. He is a native of Boston, and a graduate of Harvard College, Columbia Law School, and JTS. He made aliya in 1976 and worked as an attorney before joining the Yeshiva in July 2000. He has taught at Limmud in England and New York and at synagogues in Israel, Europe, and North America.

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