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Pop Up Class with Dr. Avivah Zornberg

Torah-teaching has had its fair share of rock stars over the millennia, from Maimonides to Rashi. But these days, the superstar of biblical commentary is Avivah Zornberg, beloved by religious and secular crowds alike who fill auditoriums worldwide to hear her speak.

The author of six books, with a Cambridge PhD and a grand rabbinical lineage, has agreed to continue our series of Pop-Up Classes. Take a deep dive into the man who was Moses, based on Dr. Zornberg’s latest book, the critically acclaimed Moses, a Human Life.

Monday, February 12: Narratives of Redemption: Trauma and Healing

Is redemption possible?  If the Israelites are to be released from Egypt, they will need to discover in themselves a desire to emerge. How does such a healing happen?

Tuesday, February 13: The Murmuring Deep

We’ll discuss the pivotal role Moses’s speech inhibition—of all things—plays in the Exodus narrative, asking the deeper question: What role does voice play in any communication?

Wednesday, February 14: Miriam and Moses: “Sing – now! – to God!”

The tale of Moses’ sister offers an intimate glimpse into the tension into the power-siblings. Rich Midrashic material will illuminate this mysterious relationship.

Thursday, February 15: Moses Veiled and Unveiled 

The anticlimax to the narrative of revelation at Mt. Sinai is the catastrophe of the Golden Calf. What was Moses’ role?



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