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To those mired in despair that the children of Israel and Palestine will grow up with no experience of peace…

To those convinced that no solution to the never-ending conflict is possible…

Four bereaved Israeli and Palestinian mothers will join us at the Streicker Center to offer a dramatic response: YOU’RE WRONG. PEACE IS ATTAINABLE.

Few individuals have more reason for pessimism than Robi Damelin, Bushra Awad, Najwa Saadeh, and Iris Segev. Each lost a child to the violence. But each rejected hatred and bitterness and instead joined hands with other families in pain to forge The Parents Circle – Families Forum into a weapon for humanity and understanding.

We have rarely offered a more inspiring evening and hope you won’t miss this opportunity to hear about their new vision for the future of Israel and Palestine.

Register early to be a part of this unique opportunity.


Bushra Awad, Beit Omar
Lost her beloved son, Mahmoud, age 17

Robi Damelin, Tel Aviv
Lost her beloved son, David, age 28

Najwa Saadeh, Bethlehem
Lost her beloved daughter, Christine, age 12

Iris Segev, Rosh Pinna
Lost her beloved son, Nimrod, age 20

Moderated by Nightline anchor, Juju Chang.



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