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Streit’s Matzo Mania

One of Passover’s chief aliases is Chag HaMatzot, or Holiday of the Matzos. So really, who better than a venerable matzo maker to add to the holiday’s culinary canon?

Yes, just in time for this year’s leavening-free fiesta, Streit’s is debuting the likes of Matzo Nachos and Chilaquiles via a slick new cookbook: Matzo, 35 Recipes for Passover and All Year Long.

To get a delicious preview, join us for an evening with Streit scion, cookbook author Michele Heilbrun and chef/cookbook author David Kirschner. After a crash course on matzo history, complete with clips from a fascinating Streit’s documentary, you’ll get to taste some of the book’s best recipes.

Moderated by food editor and culinary expert Gabriella Gershenson.



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