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Sunday Seminar with Daniel Goldfarb

You’d be forgiven for thinking it an endless soap opera plot: the primary couple is dysfunctional, their older son commits fratricide and so on and so forth through many, many episodes. Except that the characters in question aren’t the Quartermaines from General Hospital or the Carringtons from Dynasty, but Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel— and a host of other biblical figures.

You will gain a host of new insights into their relationships in this seminar led by Rabbi Daniel Goldfarb, whose unconventional approach to our ancestors includes broad and varied sources, from Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen to Paul Simon. A graduate of Harvard College and Columbia Law School and ordained by the Jewish Theological Seminary, Rabbi Goldfarb’s eclectic background includes serving as an attorney for Israel’s Ministries of Justice and Finance and directing Jerusalem’s Conservative Yeshiva.

Includes lunch



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