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The Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement, started in 2005 by Palestinian NGOs to pressure Israel into recognizing a host of Palestinian assertions, has recently gained public attention across US college campuses and the world at large. Supporters of BDS liken Israel’s efforts to apartheid, while detractors believe the movement is an effort to demonize Israel and hold it to a double standard.

Like many issues born from political complexity, conflict, and hostility, BDS is not as simple as it appears. Its popularity among young activists, along with its economic reach and anti-Semitic overtones, could have a devastating impact on both Israel and Jews worldwide.

Join us for an informative evening and in-depth look at these efforts to assail Israel. Eric Fingerhut, Executive Director of Hillel International, will provide a unique perspective on BDS’s history, goals, tactics and strategies, while providing guidance on how to recognize, counter-argue and ultimately halt this movement before it has a wider impact on college campuses.

David Harris, Executive Director of American Jewish Committee, will bring a global perspective on this strategy that continues to try to undermine the Jewish state across the globe.

Panel includes:
Eric Fingerhut, Executive Director of Hillel International
David Harris, American Jewish Committee Executive Director
Lauren Rogers, Activist/California College Student

Moderated by Rabbi Joshua M. Davidson.

Additional panelists to be announced.


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