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In his hilarious and heartfelt new memoir, The Best Boy in the United States: A Memoir of Blessings and Kisses, Dr. Ron Wolfson tells tales of his beloved immigrant grandparents, family traditions, adolescent rebellion, young love, living with hope in the face of loss and enjoying (too many) Jewish foods that begin with the letter K.

This moving portrait of family, community and spiritual discovery will resonate with universal truths for anyone who reads it. It may be Dr. Wolfson’s memoir—but the story belongs to all of us.

Born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska, Dr. Ron Wolfson is a visionary leader of American Jewry, popular speaker and master storyteller. Wolfson serves as the Fingerhut Professor of Education at the American Jewish University in Los Angeles and president of the Kripke Institute.

Book sales and signing to follow.

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