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The Bible: The Greatest Stories Ever Told

8 Extraordinary Stories, 8 Exceptional Teachers.

Not for nothing is the Bible the best-selling book of all time. Love, desire, betrayal, sibling rivalry—it’s all writ large against a backdrop of burning bushes, splitting seas, and more transmogrify than you can shake a priestly rod at. Of course, strip away the paranormal (okay, and the prohibition against mixing fabrics in one garment), and a lot of the stories start to feel remarkably relevant circa 2017. Now is your opportunity to delve into eight of the best, each with a different—and captivating—expert.

Each week, a different distinguished biblical scholar will present an in-depth profile on one of these fascinating stories:

  • February 14, Adam & Eve with Rabbi Barry Schwartz
  • February 21, King David with Rabbi David Wolpe
  • February 28, Cain & Abel with Rabbi Norman Cohen
  • March 7, Elisha with Rabbi Andrea Weiss
  • March 14, Dina with Rabba Sara Hurwitz
  • March 21, Isaac with Rabbi Avi Weiss
  • March 28, Miriam with Alicia Jo Rabins
  • April 4, Ruth with Dr. Jacob Wright



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