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The Jews of Shanghai

Though Shanghai had experienced Jewish immigration since the1800s—when both Baghdadi and Russian contingents established themselves there—not until the 1930s did the community swell into the tens of thousands. By then, Jews fleeing Nazi persecution and hardships had almost nowhere to go. But unlike the rest of the world, which had essentially locked these people out, Shanghai welcomed them. In fact, by the time World War II started, this city harbored more European Jewish refugees than anyplace else on earth, many of whom came to see China as a dearly beloved second home.

The Streicker Center is honored to present Survival in Shanghai, the documentary that tells this amazing yet little-known story.

We’re also honored to welcome a post-screening panel of survivors, who’ll discuss their incredible—and incredibly moving—journeys, including:

  • Ellen Chaim Kracko, whose parents fled from Nazi Germany to Shanghai, was the youngest of 13 Shanghai-born Jewish refugees to travel to the city for a reunion in 2006.
  • Betty Grebenschikoff is the author of Once My Name Was Sara, a memoir that details the flight of her family from Nazi Germany to Shanghai days before her father’s anticipated arrest by the Gestapo.

In partnership with Shanghai Media Group and the Shanghai Jewish Refugee Museum.



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