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The Lost Matriarch: Finding Leah in the Bible and Midrash

The Jewish Publication Society/Skirball Author Series.

With author Jerry Rabow

Leah did not suffer plural marriage, endure multiple home childbirths and raise six sons whose descendants also became the 12 tribes of Israel just to be ignored by the Bible…

The matriarch Leah’s life had all the makings for a major role in the Bible. Her story is epic, violent, triumphant and full of moral rectitude. Yet her amazing story of spiritual victory and heroism is not featured prominently.

The Lost Matriarch offers a unique response to the sparse and puzzling biblical treatment of the matriarch Leah. Through Rabow’s weaving of biblical text and Midrash, participants will learn of Leah’s triumph over adversity and hardship.

The Lost Matriarch uses an exciting method of personal Bible interpretation to invite readers into the provocative world of creative rabbinic and literary commentary.

Led by Jerry Rabow, a graduate of Harvard Law School, retired attorney, adult educator and author of A Guide to Jewish Mourning and Condolence and 50 Jewish Messiahs.

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The Lost Matriarch