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The People vs. King David

Following the success of The People vs. Abraham and The People vs. Moses, another exciting courtroom drama of biblical proportions will be on the docket.

One of the most powerful and beloved rulers of all time, King David is a celebrated hero in Judaism. As a great warrior-poet, he defeated the Philistines, united the people of Israel and, through savvy battle campaigns, cleared the way for his son Solomon to build the Holy Temple. King David is praised to this day through story and song. But is everything he did worthy of praise?

One day, while strolling on the roof of his palace, King David spotted Bathsheba, wife of Uriah, one of his most committed soldiers, bathing. When Bathsheba became pregnant with King David’s child, he ordered Uriah to the front lines of the battle, where he was killed. King David then married Bathsheba. Their son, Solomon, went on to become one of Israel’s greatest leaders and is credited as the builder of the First Temple in Jerusalem.

Our proceedings begin with a review of the case with Pulitzer Prize-winning author Geraldine Brooks, who’s recent book The Secret Chord focuses on King David.  You will then enter the “courtroom,” where Alan Dershowitz and Chris Cuomo will respectively serve as defense attorney and prosecutor. Presided over by the Honorable Judge Alison J. Nathan, opposing counsel will argue their cases, and you, the jury, will then render a verdict.

Defense:  Alan Dershowitz, Harvard Professor of Law, Emeritus

Prosecutor:  Chris Cuomo, CNN anchor and co-host of New Day

Honorable Federal Judge Alison J. Nathan 



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