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The Real Housewives of the Bible: A Special Series

For better or worse, 67% of television programming consists of reality shows. But long before the genre took over the airwaves, the women of the Bible managed to make their mark in a myriad of ways against staggering odds. Through their hopes and dreams, disappointments and successes, loves and losses, virtually all aspects of the human condition are exposed. They are the archetype of the mother who knows best and the original authors of every lesson learned.

Though their stories unfolded millennia ago, there is much that is relevant and applicable to today’s world, and much to be gleaned from these remarkable women. Our matriarchs span a wide range of anthropological experiences and come from various social strata. Regardless of her fate, each woman has much to teach us about biblical times, human nature and Judaism itself. By learning their life stories, we enrich our own.

Each week, a different distinguished biblical scholar will present an in-depth profile on one of these fascinating women:

  • February 9: Rabbi Sharon Kleinbaum, Hagar
  • February 16: Rabbi Barry Schwartz, Bathsheba
  • February 23: Rabbi Elliot Cosgrove, Eve
  • March 1: Rabbi Rachel Ain, Rebecca
  • March 8: Rabba Yaffa Epstein, Ruth
  • March 15: Dr. Norman Cohen, Miriam
  • March 22: Rabbi Allison Tick Brill, Esther
  • March 29: Dr. Diane M. Sharon, Tamar
  • April 5: Dr. David Kraemer, Delilah



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