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The Story of the Jews

$25 includes a copy of either book (Vol. 1 or 2)

It is a tale of poets writing love songs in Spanish gardens of market women in India showmen and rabble-rousers in England, painters, composers, spice dealers, rabbis and philosophers from Caesarea to China. It is a story like no other, about three millennia of endurance, of ingenuity in the face of oppression, grief soothed by humor and, ultimately, the triumph of a people who refused to fade into history.

This is our story, and no one tells it with more passion and precision than Simon Schama, author of both volumes of The Story of the Jews, tied to the PBS and BBC series of the same name. We are honored to welcome Dr. Schama, Professor of Art History at Columbia University, author of numerous award-winning books, cultural essayist for The New Yorker and writer/presenter of more than 30 documentaries.

Made possible by the generous support of Temple Emanu-El members Jon & Susan Rotenstreich and Andrew and Kimberly Moses. 

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