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Valerie Jarrett

Even if she hadn’t wound up as President Obama’s senior adviser and First Friend, Valerie Jarrett would have a compelling — and instructive — story to tell. Her great-grandfather was the first African American graduate of MIT, her grandfather the first black man to head the Chicago Housing Authority and her father the first black resident at Chicago’s St. Luke’s Hospital.

By the time she was 30, Jarrett was already working for the mayor of Chicago, then rose to become commissioner of the city planning department, chairwoman of the Chicago Transit Board, CEO of a real estate development company and chairman of the board of the Chicago Stock Exchange. And that was all before she moved to the White House.

No one can offer a more intimate view of the Obamas than Jarrett, but she goes well beyond her White House years in her new book, Finding My Voice. She will join us to share the personal and family experiences that make her optimistic about the power of raising our voices.

Includes a copy of the book. 

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