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Award-winning singer Rita introduces her documentary

Join us TOMORROW NIGHT, October 23, as Rita introduces her self-titled Documentary film, Rita Jahan-Foruz, which takes the audience through a journey of Rita’s personal life, from her move to Israel as a young child, to the relationships within her close-knit family, to her rise to super-stardom and Rita’s touching connections with fans around the world.  The film was released to critical acclaim and was voted as one of the Top 10 films of the 2013 Tel Aviv International Documentary Film Festival.


RitaBorn in Tehran in 1962, Rita and her family emigrated to Israel in 1970, never able to return to their homeland of Iran. Growing up in a suburb outside of Tel Aviv, Rita began singing professionally while serving in the Israeli army in the 1980’s and shot to stardom soon after.  Her illustrious career spans over three decades during which Rita has collected numerous awards and accolades including being voted Israel’s number one female singer of all time, selling multiple triple platinum records, holding, to this day, the title of Israel’s all time best-selling debut album, filling concert venues across Israel and selling well over one million copies of her albums worldwide.  By far, Rita is Israel’s most successful and celebrated entertainer.


More recently, Rita was invited to be part of the Israeli delegation to the United Nations in 2013 and performed in a first-of-its-kind musical event, called “Tunes for Peace”.  Through this historic concert, Rita contributed to inter-cultural dialogue by using the power of song to foster change amongst communities otherwise disconnected.  The concert took place during a time when Rita’s music was gaining support and acclaim within her native home of Iran, through an underground following of fans who connected to her lyrics which were now available in their native Farsi.


Rita continues to move people around the world through both her music and her deep commitment to hope and peace. Please join us for a very special evening, including the screening of the movie, a Q&A session with Rita and a few songs in both Hebrew and Farsi. 


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