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Israeli Food Night Warms Crowd

Joan Nathan's salads Last night was Skirball Center’s fall food night and with freezing temperatures outside, timing was impeccable. Roger Sherman, an award-winning filmmaker, introduced a clip from The Search for Israeli Cuisine before introducing an esteemed panel of professional foodies to join in.

Roger Sherman, Joan Nathan, Lior Lev Sercarz, Michael Solomonov

Joan Nathan, the American cookbook maven and television personality recounted stories about a time before Israeli cuisine grew so diverse. Michael Solomonov, who collaborated on the film, couldn’t stop gushing about all the amazing flavors he discovered in Israel, which certainly helped him win Eater’s Chef of the Year. And Lior Lev Sercarz, the master spice blender of La Boîte reminded the audience that Israel’s current gastronomic boom lies in no small part to the cultural melting pot of which modern Israelis, unlike their grandparents, are so proud. 


Lamb tagine and couscous


The night’s tasting offered a sampling of Chef Michael’s yellow beets & tahini, Chef Joan’s salad medley, including eggplant caviar, Israeli carrot salad and twice-cooked salad; and Chef Lior’s hot lamb & dried fruit tagine over couscous.