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Prosecuting Evil
The Extraordinary World of Ben Ferencz
Oct 4, 2018
2018F Web
The Story of the Jews
An Evening with Simon Schama
Oct 9, 2018
2018F Web2
Who We Are: Four Films. One People.
A Documentary Film Series
Oct 10 | Nov 14 | Feb 13 | Mar 13
Vice President Cheney & Secretary Madeleine Albright
A Special Evening
Oct 16, 2018
Beyond Books
with the Stettenheim Library
Oct 17 | Nov 19 | Dec 5
Home: Lens on Israel
A Night at the Museum
Oct 17, 2018
2018F Web3
Friday Night Live
Ehud Barak, Israel’s 10th Prime Minister
Oct 19, 2018
The People vs. Noah
A Trial
Oct 21, 2018
2018F Web4
Can We Talk?
An Evening with Melissa Rivers
Oct 23, 2018
2018F Web5
Winston Churchill and the Jews
Oct 25, 2018
2018F Web6
All About Seltzer
The Jewish Champagne
Oct 30, 2018
2018F Web7
The Mentalist is Back!
(Another) Evening with Lior Suchard
Nov 1, 2018
2018F Web8
Claude Lanzmann’s Shoah
The Four Sisters
Nov 5, 2018
Two Presidents. One Unprecedented Evening.
Nov 8, 2018
2018F Web9
The Jewish American Hit Parade
Nov 12 | Feb 11 | June 3
2018F Web10
Across the Divide
Talking Candidly and Constructively About Israel - Part I
Nov 15, 2018
2018F Web11
State of Moral Emergency
The Jewish Response to the Immigration Crisis
Nov 28, 2018
2018F Web12
Jewish Lives, Jewish Legacies
Dec 4, 2018
2018F Web13
Friday Night Live
A Chanukah Extravaganza
Dec 7, 2018
2018F Web14
The Orchestra of St. Luke’s
Bach’s Brandenburg Concertos
Dec 12, 2018
2018F Web15
Merchants of Truth
The Struggle for the Future of News
Jan 29, 2019
2018F Web16
The Culinary Maestro of Manhattan
An Evening with Danny Meyer
Feb 6, 2019
2018F Web17
Coming Soon: Israel + Petra
Create Your Own Adventure
May 2019