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Screen shot 2015-05-07 at 12.52.44 PMAn article from today’s New York Times cover page announces that Dr. Arthur Caplan will head Johnson & Johnson’s controversial new bioethics panel. Dr. Caplan heads NYU’s Division of Medical Ethics and will moderate next week’s fascinating conversation about Jewish genes. Joining Caplan will be Rabbi Elliot Dorff and Laurie Zoloth, two respective bioethics giants, with their new book, Jews & Genes. May 12, 7pm, FREE.


ceremony  at the Grand Synagogue in ParisLast week’s shocking terrorist attacks put France’s already tentative Jewish future under new terms by Jewish leaders.

What are the behind-the-scenes factors? Get all the facts with Israeli author and political commentator Ari Shavit on the impact of this huge French migration on February 4 and find out about the new anti-Semitism with distinguished award-winning reporter Jeffrey Goldberg on March 9. Get your tickets now.

Temple Emanu-El Skirball Center Alan Dershowitz Eliot Spitzer Trial of Abraham
Yesterday morning's long awaited biblical mock-trial was a rousing success, with nearly 1500 people fulfilling their civic duty as jury members for the day. A line-up winding down the street and around the corner began as early as 8am with eager ticket-holders arriving from all over the greater New York City area. Read more
Wall Street Journal
A great article about the shared vision of our Executive Director, Dr. Gady Levy and Temple Emanu-El Rabbi Joshua Davidson appeared in Friday's Wall Street Journal, which promises even wider exposure to our major biblical trial of Abraham. Limited tickets are still available for Sunday's special event. Read more
Skirball Lounge 3
Skirball LoungeFor those of you who missed our Facebook posting, our newly redesigned Skirball Lounge was recently opened as a destination for students and teachers to meet, greet and network before and after classes. Enjoy a complimentary coffee, tea or hot chocolate and charge your smartphone device while schmoozing with other members of the ever-expanding Skirball community. Read more

With less than a month away, politicos are battling back and forth debating which party will end up with ruling power in the Senate race of 2014. If the GOP succeeds in controlling both Senate and House of Representatives, our era of political gridlock has no chance of improving in 2016. Even today, with the Democrats yielding only a narrow Senate majority, passing laws are hard-fought. But if you care about social issues like equal pay, minimum wage, infrastructure funding, women’s rights and support for the State of Israel, there’s no more pressing time to get the facts straight.

Alex Wong/Getty Images for Meet the Press

Alex Wong/Getty Images for Meet the Press

On the night before this year’s midterm election, November 3rd, CNN’s Jeff Zucker will be here at Skirball asking the tough questions to husband and wife duo, Mary Matalin and James Carrville. Their strongly opposing political views have made headlines on every important issue. And this debate will certainly be no exception. Be informed. Be involved. Buy your tickets here.