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On January 20, we hosted our annual debate covering many of the diverse issues and wide ranging candidates changing the game ahead of Election 2016. Republican consultant Karl Rove and Democratic analyst David Axelrod took our stage to provide political insights based on their significant contributions to the respective Bush and Obama administrations. Moderated by CNN’s Jeff Zucker, the friendly debate provided a timely insider’s view into the upcoming primary elections.

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In an article published yesterday on The Atlantic’s website, Jeffrey Goldberg reveals the backstory behind the polarizing partisan politics involved in Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s upcoming address to Congress.


You’ll want to join us on March 10 when the award-winning journalist fills in the rest of the blanks on Netanyahu’s speech and its implications for Israeli-American relations and growing anti-Semitism. Get your tickets HERE.

ceremony  at the Grand Synagogue in ParisLast week’s shocking terrorist attacks put France’s already tentative Jewish future under new terms by Jewish leaders.

What are the behind-the-scenes factors? Get all the facts with Israeli author and political commentator Ari Shavit on the impact of this huge French migration on February 4 and find out about the new anti-Semitism with distinguished award-winning reporter Jeffrey Goldberg on March 9. Get your tickets now.

Last night, political insiders Mary Matalin and her husband, James Carrville, discussed the state of current American democracy. Jeff Zucker led the conversation to reveal what both pundits thought about this year's midterm election race and of course, what's to come in 2016. Carrville revealed that Hillary Clinton will reveal her candidacy within the next few months while Matalin reminded audience members that Jeb Bush stands apart from his famous family members. VIP tickets holders and event sponsors were treated to face time with the power couple in an intimate post-reception finale. Read more

With less than a month away, politicos are battling back and forth debating which party will end up with ruling power in the Senate race of 2014. If the GOP succeeds in controlling both Senate and House of Representatives, our era of political gridlock has no chance of improving in 2016. Even today, with the Democrats yielding only a narrow Senate majority, passing laws are hard-fought. But if you care about social issues like equal pay, minimum wage, infrastructure funding, women’s rights and support for the State of Israel, there’s no more pressing time to get the facts straight.

Alex Wong/Getty Images for Meet the Press

Alex Wong/Getty Images for Meet the Press

On the night before this year’s midterm election, November 3rd, CNN’s Jeff Zucker will be here at Skirball asking the tough questions to husband and wife duo, Mary Matalin and James Carrville. Their strongly opposing political views have made headlines on every important issue. And this debate will certainly be no exception. Be informed. Be involved. Buy your tickets here.