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The Medici Archive Project

The Facebook of the Renaissance Period

The Granducal Archive, curated by THE MEDICI ARCHIVE PROJECT in Florence, Italy, is a collection of 6,249 volumes containing more than four million letters and documents from the Medici dynasty. These manuscripts reveal every aspect of public and private life at the Tuscan and other European courts.

Though our LECTURE SERIES, explore these documents and get a vivid picture of Renaissance-era Jewish life and the sociological, economic and geopolitical framework of the day. Read our lecture series brochure, and then register for the series.

Then, join us as we TRAVEL TO ITALY to see the archives and historical sites — including the famous Ghetto of Venice — and attend exclusive lectures and events with historians, artists and scholars in fabled settings. Read our trip brochure, and then register for the trip.

Plus, enjoy From Ghetto to Capella, commemorating the 500th anniversary of the creation of the Venetian Ghetto. In partnership with Salon/Sanctuary Concerts, this ensemble of artists from Italy, Israel, and the USA performs a compelling and beautiful concert of baroque music by both Jewish and non-Jewish composers. Register now.