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At last night’s first of nine Real Housewives of the Bible classes, Rabbi Sharon Kleinbaum of New York’s Congregation Beit Simchat Torah set the bar high to provoke and compel contemplation and participation. She deconstructed the story of Abraham’s Egyptian concubine, Hagar, from a uniquely feminist standpoint to 150 eager students. She explained how Hagar became a hero for the African American church during the 19th century as both an ex-slave and single mother who secures redemption and exits as a survivor. Read more



The Temple Emanuel Skirball Center applauds the historic decision to open up Jerusalem’s Western Wall to egalitarian worship thereby recognizing the pluralist nature of modern Jewry both in Israel and around the world. Naturally, Jewish voices outside of Israel constituted a crucial driving force for reform and inclusion.


The chairman of the Jewish Agency for Israel, Natan Sharansky, told the Jewish Journal that the Wall controversy underscored the biggest internal Jewish problem facing Israel today between religious and secular ideologies. Like all major American Jewish organizations, Sharansky enthusiastically welcomed the news. Natan Sharansky is one of the leading Jewish voices of our time. He visits Skirball this coming May. Reserve your tickets now.



On January 20, we hosted our annual debate covering many of the diverse issues and wide ranging candidates changing the game ahead of Election 2016. Republican consultant Karl Rove and Democratic analyst David Axelrod took our stage to provide political insights based on their significant contributions to the respective Bush and Obama administrations. Moderated by CNN’s Jeff Zucker, the friendly debate provided a timely insider’s view into the upcoming primary elections.

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Great news from our printers, our latest and greatest 2016 catalog is in production and will soon be delivered to you. You can catch an early glimpse right here on our events’ homepage and sign up for our mailing list so you never miss a thing. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for extra Skirball info and contests. It’s going to be an incredible season and we hope you’ll join us.



On December 3, our main sanctuary filled with an enthusiastic audience of classical music lovers for a historic performance by Orchestra of St. Luke’s. Setting the stage for the festive holiday season, the world renowned chamber music ensemble performed Bach’s lively Brandenburg concerto. Temple Emanu-El was thrilled to welcome the distinguished Grammy-award-winning group back to perform for the first time in 13 years. Stay tuned for other performances this spring.




On Sunday November 13, more than 1500 members of the jury exonerated Moses of all murder charges laid against him by the Temple Emanu-El Skirball district prosecutor. A great many thanks to everyone who participated- from the early risers in line to our returning guests, Judge Alison Nathan and Alan Dershowitz, and this year’s newcomer, Dan Abrams.

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Last night was the first class in our Master Chef cooking series taught by Jewish cookbook queen, Joan Nathan. Our kitchen was fully prepped for Joan’s signature menu steeped in Jewish food history and of course, her well-known cookbooks, Quiches, Kugels & Couscous and King Solomon’s Table.

Highlights from Joan’s vast Jewish food knowledge included tales of Babylonian diets, ancient Far East spice routes, King Solomon’s era and notably, the prevalence of chickpeas in the ancient world. Our Skirball student chefs teamed up in small groups to create last night’s incredible dinner, which featured spicy Libyan haraimi, smoked eggplant with tahini, feta and pomegranate and a bright lemon tart for dessert.

Our next cooking class will be taught by Philadelphia’s award-winning star chef, Michael Solomonov, on December 8. Sign up HERE.