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Winter-Wonder-LandThe Winter/Spring Skirball Center catalog is HERE and can now be viewed online with a hard copy available on January 19th. Discuss faith, history, politics, Bible, science and even chutzpah with best-selling authors, award-winning performers and world-renowned scholars. With more diversified classes, special events and our new Master Teacher series, Skirball Center is creating new Jewish experiences.

Dollhouse hanukkah lamp

Both ornate and elegant, this mini-dollhouse from our museum reminds of Chanukah’s eternal appeal to children. Wallpaper-like rear walls and intricate lamps indicate ties to 1800’s Bohemia. Embossed and pressed in sterling silver, the lamp portion can be removed for cleaning (and playtime), while the Swiss clock can be wound through the top French window.

Despite earlier occupational restrictions and expulsions into the Czech countryside, roughly 30000 thrived in Bohemia in 1754. They would soon enjoy greater legal freedoms starting in 1782 with the advancement of the Jewish Enlightenment.


Lehman:Figdor Chanukah Lamp, Germany or Italy, 14th Century, Bronze, Cast, Permanent Collection of the Museum at Temple Emanuel NYCThis Chanukah lamp at the Herbert & Eileen Bernard Museum of Judaica was a generous gift from Judge Irving Lehman in 1945. The bronze 14th century menorah has either a salamander or a phoenix at its center to represent fire or a bird reborn from the ashes. Sources indicate the rare lamp originated in either Germany or Italy and found its way to Vienna before making its way to New York’s Upper East Side. Visit our free museum, (open 10-4:30 Sun-Th), and join us to celebrate Chanukah together on December 18.


Joan Nathan's salads
Last night was Skirball Center's fall food night and with freezing temperatures outside, timing was impeccable. Roger Sherman, an award-winning filmmaker, introduced a clip from The Search for Israeli Cuisine before introducing an esteemed panel of professional foodies to join in. Read more
Temple Emanu-El Skirball Center Alan Dershowitz Eliot Spitzer Trial of Abraham
Yesterday morning's long awaited biblical mock-trial was a rousing success, with nearly 1500 people fulfilling their civic duty as jury members for the day. A line-up winding down the street and around the corner began as early as 8am with eager ticket-holders arriving from all over the greater New York City area. Read more
Wall Street Journal
A great article about the shared vision of our Executive Director, Dr. Gady Levy and Temple Emanu-El Rabbi Joshua Davidson appeared in Friday's Wall Street Journal, which promises even wider exposure to our major biblical trial of Abraham. Limited tickets are still available for Sunday's special event. Read more
Skirball Lounge 3
Skirball LoungeFor those of you who missed our Facebook posting, our newly redesigned Skirball Lounge was recently opened as a destination for students and teachers to meet, greet and network before and after classes. Enjoy a complimentary coffee, tea or hot chocolate and charge your smartphone device while schmoozing with other members of the ever-expanding Skirball community. Read more
Last night, political insiders Mary Matalin and her husband, James Carrville, discussed the state of current American democracy. Jeff Zucker led the conversation to reveal what both pundits thought about this year's midterm election race and of course, what's to come in 2016. Carrville revealed that Hillary Clinton will reveal her candidacy within the next few months while Matalin reminded audience members that Jeb Bush stands apart from his famous family members. VIP tickets holders and event sponsors were treated to face time with the power couple in an intimate post-reception finale. Read more
svika pick
Last night, the beloved, award-winning Israeli singer Svika Pick made his Skirball debut. A packed house of Israelis and Israeli-lovers sang along to his well-known catalog of hits spanning nearly forty years. The performing artist, lyricist and composer wrapped up his 2014 U.S. tour in New York City. Read more